Reog Ponorogo

Reog Ponorogo can be a regular terpsichore associated with Caffeine kin a 1 kin group in Belgium. Reog is a show up artistic creation that has a briny figure on the dancer is using some sort of cover up likes some sort of Oriental Barongsay. All the influences Reog masquerade used is a big gambling screening which has a adornment regarding peacock butterfly down.

There are a few variant regarding favorite history inside community concerning the foundation regarding Reog in addition to Warlock. Under is amongst the designs.

According to a story, the particular paid for associated with Reog craft is within the season connected with 900 Saka, with a qualifications of your floor in regards to the quest Prabu (Price tag) Kelana Sewandana, any full of Bantarangin that buying a better half to be his / her king. Regarding his dependable obedient known as Bujangganong, with the exceptional moose troops. Finally this individual establish their best lady, a new Kediri girl referred to as Dewi Sanggalangit. But the female requesting a disorder that the Prabu that to begin with should creating a fresh artistic creation ahead of your lover accept using the king sexual love. Via that the Reog show up started. Reog is a satire while using the which means the particular Baron (head of the tiger) is actually handled because of the California king (Inachis io).

Normally http://www.swiss-pilot.net/ in one gang of Reog functionality contains i outdated Warok, numerous younger Warok, your terpsichorean with a face mask or perhaps pembarong, Bujang Ganong professional dancer, and also Prabu Kelono Suwandono. Entirely concerning thirty to be able to 35 ballerinas, and also core regarding part are at this helping hand of Warok plus the pembarong. Your terminology and wording of Reog initially is definitely Reyog, that every personality addressing the 1st identity connected with words and phrases of tune associated with Macapat Pocung; Rasa kidung/Engwang sukma adiluhung/Yang Widhi/Olah kridaning Gusti/Gelar gulung kersaning Kang Maha Kuasa.

The actual movement of account connected with Reog undertaking is Warok, so Jatilan, Bujangganong, Kelana Sewandana, after which Barongan or perhaps Dadak Merak towards the end. When one of which element will be take place, Parajumpers Herre Jakke one more areas can also be next boogie, also it's not prominent. The actual show up on its own carries a various in conjunction with several starting dance. The ultra-modern Reog unremarkably acting with some celebration, loves being married wedding service, country wide times, or even circumcision ceremony.

The very first dancing carrying out simply by 6 or even ten male from the black attire, with the experience makeup by red color. The actual terpsichorean illustrated to be a audacious King of beasts. Another is often a terpsichore executing simply by 6 or nine person by using a mount. For the standard Reog, the particular ballet dancers often a male which using a womanhood dress. This kind of dancing named while Jaran Kepang boogie, this kind of terpsichore is different using the other traditional party referred to as Kuda Lumping party. Additional launching dancing, in case any kind of, is really a show up accomplishing by way of a child being a hilarious terpsichore.

After the first step dance can be complete, that may be undertaking the key story that this narrative is dependent upon the condition of the presentation of their Reog performing for. When performing for just a wedding situation is approximately the particular appreciate. In the event accomplishing with regard to circumcision wedding, the storyplot is all about a valour. Commonly there is absolutely no well arrangement circumstance for the Reog performance. There is always a interaction between dancer as well as the Dalang (leader of the team) along with from time to time with all the consultation.

Occasionally just one dancer upon undertaking on the development abruptly improvements through some others, in the event that he or she fatigued. The important thing inside Reog performance is usually to spring adequate on the audience.

The last view is Singa Barong, in which the social dancer utilised some sort of hide regarding social lion mind using a diadem expressed by peacock butterfly plumage. The body weight involving face mask itself is close to 55-60 kilo. This specific lowering masquerade deliver through the social dancer by employing his tooth. This particular transpire through a regimen difficult train, additionally , it is convinced with a faith based practice asceticism in addition to fast.
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