depends a head on the chair-back

Tang Feng without depressedly say:"I think that I probably have been already cheap supra skate shoes beaten."It is beyond all doubt.This kind of lately counterfeits the cognition that the means outran Tang Feng if counterfeiting is own of counterfeit means brilliant.All use familiar pottery powder system Pei to burn to make again.The finished product pottery burning to make out still "shoot"s to only counterfeit after Fu.Withing meticulous care establish several rates that words Tang of bureau falls into trap again will consumedly increase.Now.Return again overdo consider to wear frame glasses gentle make people produce the owner of trust very easily;Fierce Ba Ba Dai the person seek up|beg Wang Tian Shuo of the return of goods;The very depressed unable to defend oneself black face greatly talks the swear that it digs to swear for the sake of innocent.Must say to sing 'Get hold of cultural object graduate school to authenticate;Wang Tian Shuo finally still wants to rob with Tang Feng how probably so Qiao.The demon E sons all gathered together! Liu Yue asks Tang Feng Dao very surprisedly:"Meeting how?With your authenticate water article.As long as hard observing careful consideration should very difficult dozen eye of." Problem BE.This bunco one wreath buttons up wreath Tang Feng the dispassion consider each time of the time is also the time of affair occurrence turn .They completely transfered Tang Feng's attention long walk the road in night to eventually see ghost.Way Gao Yi Chi's Tang Feng still kept wearing the trap of evil Gao Yi Zhang's liar.But.Tang Feng still has by luck mental one silk.He asks Liu Yue Dao:"Of is the car in the neighborhood?" Tang Feng immediately says:"It is taking me to go to a cultural object Supra TK Society Women graduate school." Liu Yue lovely ordered to nod.Wore Tang Feng to leave a heart garden. Liu Yue's herding Ma Ren the cross-country jeep soon arrive a cultural object graduate school.The car hasn't stopped steady.Tang Feng opens a car door to jump down a car.But.The miracle didn't take place.Black frame|the mirror open of the store through early and early closed the door book Lian|up stick the advertisement of public appearance rent.Liu Yue steps out of the car to arrive at Tang Feng.She asks Tang Feng Dao:Is this?" Tang Feng sighed an one breath.Shake a head wry smile way:"Help guy.Really his mama has a skill."Tang Feng's pouring don't feel what sad.On the contrary and pretty admire this person of can succeed to cheat to own person.Affirmation isn't ordinary people.This person is presumed to have sense of achievement especially now.The Jian treasure on the television expert how again?Isn't just similar be cheated by them round and round? Tang Feng went forward several steps.Arrive at owner in Henan opens of"Qin Zhuan Han's tile".Owner in Henan seems and no longer records of come to Tang Feng.He smiles to say to them:"Sir small Jie.The hard light is another!"Each provinces in this nation all have a liar.With is to distinguish don't come out. "Excuse me, ."Tang Feng asks Henan owner's way:That that pottery art store when closes the door." "You are to ask him."Owner in Henan shakes head to say:"I am to really don't know.They early eliminated a voice to put out a vestige.Did the police come to ask yesterday ah.You lost how much ah I still have a pottery horse here.Protect true ah" Tang Feng which have interest to listen to him to sell.Get on the car together with Liu Yue.Herd Ma Ren to soon disappear in the cope of night.The positive professional drives of car up.Liu Yue comforts Tang Feng:"You don't be getting sader.Be in the curio this line in.Beating an eye is very normal.Your success rate already very Gao." "You don't comfort me."Tang Feng depends a head on the chair-back.Say:"I basically don't come to seek them to calculate Zhang." Tang Feng says:"They this kind of skill very Gao I am to want to ask them to create a period.If the creation period is short.Completely can take to cheat foreigner.Anyway they these flies Be old to stare at Chinese cultural object."Can affirm at 1:00.The obviation carries the factor that the high technology counterfeits outside.Their counterfeit level very high.Otherwise they can not cheat Tang Feng either of 1,000,000.(The not yet finished treats continuously.If the desire knows that how funeral affairs is.Please target Supra TK Society High Tops Black/Pink Women's much.Support author.Support!)

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