Igorrr - Nostril (2010)


Artist: Igorrr
Title Of Album: Nostril
Year Of Release: 2010-11-11
Genre: Breakcore
Label: Ad Noiseam
Quality: avgkbps / Joint-Stereo
Tracks: 14
Time: 43:11
Size: 68,6 MB


1. Igorrr - Double Monk (02:56)
2. Igorrr - Tendon (04:29)
3. Igorrr - Excessive Funeral (03:29)
4. Igorrr - Very Long Chicken (03:30)
5. Igorrr - Melting Nails (02:39)
6. Igorrr - Pavor Nocturnus (04:21)
7. Igorrr - Caros (00:51)
8. Igorrr - Cruciform Dachshund (03:42)
9. Igorrr - Half a Pony (02:23)
10. Igorrr - Unpleasant Sonata (02:14)
11. Igorrr - Dentist (00:43)
12. Igorrr - Fryzura Konika (02:50)
13. Igorrr - Veins (04:28)
14. Igorrr - Moldy Eye (04:26)


for some spastic thrashing and epic vocalizing: Igorrr 
might very well be the great white hope of whatever-core. With 
"Nostril", this French musician draws from his impressive 
recording experience to create a dense and particularly wild 
ride that puts enthusiasm and energy back in your stereo: fast 
beats, sudden breaks, majestic moments, the whole thing crystal 
clear and more detailed than the most roccoco paintings. Free of 
any recognizable influences, new and very fun: here's quite a 
tremendous slap in the face from an act to follow closely. 

And now for something radically different. The oldest among us 
might remember a time when a crazy new sound labelled as 
"breakcore" took its first bars, mixing fresh ideas and renewed 
energy into a club scene grown stale. Fast forward a decade 
later: geeky time signatures and louder-than-thou attitude have 
for the most part met their expiration date. That's when Igorrr 
comes in: call it whatever you want, but this French act's 
"Nostril" brings back enthusiasm and frenzy in your stereo. 

Following two self-released albums (which recently got pressed 
onto vinyl by Greece's Impulsive Art), "Nostril" is the big step 
onto the stage by this French act. And what a leap: one would be 
hard pressed to find something to compare this album to. Fast 
staccato beats? Check. Heavy guitars and screams? Check. Baroque 
strings and chanson samples? Check. It might help that Gautier 
Serre, when he's not writing tracks for Igorrr or for Whourkr 
(his metal side-project) works as a recording and mastering 
engineer, as we imagine him using the time after his shifts to 
juggle, experiment and play around with all kind of deranged 
sounds, instruments and arrangements available. 

It's the variety and sheer freshness that makes Igorrr such a 
stand out act: marrying the energy of newcomers with the 
composition talent of an experienced act, he infuses in his 
music elements which have truly never met before, giving birth 
to songs whose ancestry would be hard to trace. 

A compact, dense and wild affair, "Nostril" is Igorrr's coming 
of age album, in which the skills gathered with the previous 
ones are focused into a highly musical, seductive whole. Carried
on by its playfulness, insanity and self-assurance, we find 
ourselves bouncing up, thrashing out or head-nodding furiously, 
as we all wished we would again one day. Welcome to "baroque- 

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Теперь можно скачать не только музыку, но и ФИЛЬМЫ! ЖМИ!!

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